Fri 08 Sep 2023 11:42

Letchworth Rugby Club unites to tackle MND: The Ed Slater legacy

In a heartfelt demonstration of unity and support, Letchworth Rugby Club is coming together to tackle Motor Neurone Disease (MND) head-on, inspired by the enduring spirit of the beloved player, Ed Slater.

Ed Slater, a renowned Gloucester and England rugby player, faced an unexpected and life-altering challenge last year when he was diagnosed with MND. Yet, true to the rugby spirit, he remains resilient and determined to make a difference. In an exceptional gesture of generosity, Ed donated a special Gloucester Rugby 22/23 4ED Charity Shirt to Letchworth Rugby Club.

This Saturday, during the home game against Bedford Athletic, the Legends of Letchworth Rugby Club will dedicate the day to raising funds for MND charities, rallying behind their rugby brethren who find themselves on a challenging path. The club is steadfast in its commitment to supporting Ed Slater and everyone affected by MND.

One of the highlights of this charitable endeavor is the auction of the unique Slater Cup shirt, specially designed by Ed, his wife Jo, and their three children: Edie, Flo, and Frank. The shirt encapsulates not only Ed's indomitable spirit but also serves as a symbol of hope for the entire rugby community.

"Having a shirt designed after you, for you, by your own kids, isn't something I'd ever thought about. It's humbling to know Gloucester, my teammates, and friends will be running out in that shirt with my number on the front. It means a huge amount," commented Ed Slater.

Letchworth Rugby Club, together with its local folk club, has already raised £1,400 for MND charities. The club's ambitious target is to exceed £2,000, and they're inviting everyone to join this noble cause. The Slater Cup shirt auction and the ongoing donation drive are powerful avenues for individuals to make a meaningful contribution and support MND research.

Together, we are not just a club; we are a family. A family that supports its own, champions noble causes, and inspires hope through the enduring power of rugby.

Join Letchworth Rugby Club in this mission to tackle MND and make a difference. Let's show that the rugby community stands strong, no matter the challenge. Together, we can achieve remarkable things both on and off the field.

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