Unleashing the Legends: Letchworth Rugby Summer Update

Traditionally, Legends Lane would slip into a tranquil embrace during the summer months. The birds would tweet and bees buzz harmoniously along with Digger’s mower as he puts in sterling work drilling, seeding and helping the pitches recover. Well not this year Uncle!

There has been a hive of activity and there’s an exhilarating buzz both on and off the field. The echoes of celebration from the end-of-season festivities had barely faded when our journey toward new horizons began.

After clinching two consecutive promotions, Legends now find themselves at the heady heights of Level 5, an unprecedented feat in our 99-year legacy. This achievement places us at the cusp of a remarkable journey that signifies true dedication and competitiveness.

Under the visionary leadership of Director of Rugby Baz Basra, accompanied by a dedicated team of coaches, all three teams have committed their summer months to rigorous preparation. Our steadfast regulars, along with a wave of fresh faces, have engaged in intensive training, recognising the fierce battles that await us in the upcoming season.

The season will start with a seaside trip to Westcliffe, relegated from National 2, before two tough home matches against Bedford Athletic on 9th September, and old London 1 rivals Colchester on the 23rd, with an away game to high flying Harpenden on the 16th. There are pre-match meals on offer before the home games, and we invite you to join us and indulge in the sumptuous lunches - simply reach out to Les Wilsher at 07827 373937.

But it's not solely the senior teams that have had their noses to the grindstone, the mixed ability Braveherts team, and the Lionesses have been honing their skills throughout the summer under the expert coaching of Nick Winwood and Danny Ryall.

Beyond the fields, several large projects have commenced in anticipation of the 2024 centenary celebrations. The new Walker Lounge, a visionary addition offering a superb viewing gallery, as well as self-contained facilities for a coffee lounge, yoga and pilates, is rising to scaffold heights already. This is being driven by the indefatigable chairman Chris Lunnon and long-standing club members Gary Ryall and Joe Quirke.

Thanks are also due to leading sponsors Lawsons (formerly Herts Timber), Ashe Roofing and N and P Windows who have been more than generous in supporting the clubs efforts in this project; as have Ellisons, a new sponsor, in supplying the electrical materials.

A new era of illumination also awaits as planning permission is being obtained for match standard floodlights on the first team pitch. This will see midweek and Friday night games, as well as three o‘clock kick offs in the depths of winter.

A grant from the RFU means that our Ladies facilities will be hotel standard by the start of the season, and the disabled loos upgraded. Social endeavours including two highly successful music festivals, Try Fest and Lazy Sunday Afternoon, as well as fundraisers for research into MND, means we’ve been really busy on that side of things as well.

As President Brian Burke commented… “I can’t wait for the start of the season for a well-earned rest!”
…Erm, did no one tell him the Rugby World Cup starts in under two weeks?!

If you’re reading this and have never visited us (we’re at the back of the leisure centre), don’t be shy as a warm welcome and a really decent standard of rugby are ready to welcome you.

Legends rise, seasons change, and our journey continues.

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